Colombia Sonsón is named after the largest municipality in Eastern Antioquia, referred to by some as the cultural capital of Andean Antioquia. The region is home to a long history of coffee production. Notably, producer families from this region spread coffee growing toward rural areas in the south of the country (namely Manizales, Pereira, Armenia) in the late 1800s. This “Antioquia colonization” fortified the Eje Cafetero or the Coffee Axis of the Paisa region, which is responsible for producing most Colombian coffee. This is no small thing, as Colombia presently ranks third among coffee-producing countries worldwide.

Sonsón rests at a high elevation in the east-central Andes Mountain range. Here, numerous small Andean rivers irrigate the land. Equally important, the tropical climate creates relatively stable temperatures. Under these combined circumstances, the region presents idyllic conditions for traditional agriculture.

Colombia Sonsón is cultivated at 1400-1900 meters above sea level in lush green mountains. The coffee is produced in keeping with historical practices, by smallholders with farms averaging 3-6 hectares each. Cherry is hand-picked, wet milled, and dried at each small farm. Parchment is then transported from small farms to the town of Sonsón on the Escalera Bus. Finally, a 3-hour drive from Sonsón delivers coffee to Medellin, where it is milled and sorted to Excelso EP standards. The result is an impeccable cup of coffee.

Cupping notes: Sweet, chocolate, caramel; medium-high acidity, smooth body. 

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