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Authentic Taste of Colombia

Welcome to El Colombiano Coffee, a small business that embodies the passion, heritage, and love for coffee that stems from the mountains of Colombia. We invite you to be a part of our cultural experience. Our coffee beans are handpicked and locally roasted with the utmost attention to detail.

We source our beans from Colombia’s lush, mountainous regions, where the fertile soil, shade, and mist provide the perfect conditions for growing exceptional coffee. Our passionate farmers, who have inherited their knowledge and practice from generations, nurture the coffee trees with great care.

Our coffee is exceptional in taste, ethically sourced, and sustainable. We ensure that the farmers are paid fairly for their work and that their communities benefit from the coffee trade.

At El Colombiano Coffee, we value your coffee experience. That’s why we have curated a range of brewing methods and accessories to ensure you get the best out of your coffee, whether you prefer a classic French press, Espresso, pour-over, cold brew, drip coffee maker, and other methods.

Making a Delicious

Cup of Coffee

Unveiling the Essence

of Colombian Coffee

Embark on a journey with El Colombiano Coffee, where every sip is a testament to the passion and dedication of our Colombian farmers. Our commitment to quality transcends every roast, ensuring an experience that lingers on the palate and in the heart. Allow us to introduce you to three beloved members of our coffee family

Colombiano coffe

Light Roast

Notes: Citrus, caramel, and milk chocolate; bright, creamy body.
Origin: Tolima, Planadas
Variety: Caturra, Colombia, Castilla, Tipica
Elevation: 1,500 – 1,800 m.a.s.l.
Process: Washed and dried on patios and in dryers.

sierra nevada

Medium Roast

Fairtrade/Organic Certified

Notes: Caramel, orange, chocolate, honey; citric brightness, creamy body.
Origin: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
Variety: Caturra, Colombia, Tipica, Castillo
Elevation: 1,000 –  1,700 m.a.s.l.
Process: Washed, sun-dried


Dark Roast

Notes: Sweet, chocolate, caramel; medium-brightness, smooth body.
Origin: Antioquia, Colombia
Variety: Caturra, Castilla
Elevation: 1,400 – 1,900 m.a.s.l.
Process: Fully washed

Nurtured by Tradition:

Colombian Coffee from Small Farms

In the heart of Colombia, amidst the lush landscapes, lie the small farms and cooperatives that cradle the essence of El Colombiano Coffee. These family-owned plots are the birthplace of our exceptional single-origin beans, where generations of growers have perfected their craft. These dedicated farmers pour their hearts into nurturing each coffee plant, instilling every bean with the authentic flavors of Colombia. Beyond the exquisite taste, these farms are committed to sustainability, employing eco-friendly practices that preserve the land for generations. Through fair trade partnerships, El Colombiano Coffee ensures that growers receive fair compensation, creating community prosperity. This symbiotic relationship between the land, the growers, and our coffee lovers ensures that every sip of El Colombiano Coffee carries a legacy of passion, authenticity, and positive impact.


Know More About Our Origins


My name is Javier Amador-Pena. I grew up in Colombia, where the aroma of coffee wafts from homes and kitchens. The enticing scent invites friends and family to gather and enjoy each other’s company.

From sunrise to after dinner… sharing coffee is intrinsic to bonding and ingrained in our culture. Over coffee, we catch up, close deals, make important decisions, share sorrows, and celebrate.

While I love my adopted country, I struggled to find a coffee that could measure up to the one of my native land. I became a “coffee chaser,” always trying new brews but never finding one that captured Colombian coffee’s quality, flavor, and culture.

I had a eureka on a trip to Colombia!

I was sitting and talking with my family. The company, the conversation—and, naturally, the coffee—was a moment of pure pleasure. I knew then that my search was ending: The coffee I’d been seeking was right there, where I’d left it.

I knew I had to track down the source. I learned about the different varieties of coffee that are farmed, harvested, and sold in Colombia. I talked to small coffee growers and saw their pride in sowing, nurturing, maintaining, and harvesting crops. I heard their passion for every cosecha (harvest) in their voices.

I also heard about the “cafeteros” problems and concerns. Many of the farmers are women head of their household. This seemed remarkable from an American or Colombian perspective.

On my flight back to Boston, amid memories and images and stories, it struck me that behind every cup of coffee are the faces and lives of so many people—and with each of those faces is a story of pride, pain, worry, happiness, success and hope: a story worth sharing.

​Today, every time I brew a cup of El Colombiano coffee, I connect with my roots—my past, country,  people, and culture. My desire to bring the perfect cup of coffee to this country—while recognizing, supporting and nurturing the people and places it comes from—resulted in El Colombiano Coffee.

Elevate you coffee journey

with El Colombiano Coffee

At El Colombiano Coffee, we believe that the journey to a perfect cup of coffee is as unique as the individual enjoying it. That’s why we’re thrilled to share with you some of our favorite exquisite brewing methods that celebrate the rich flavors of our 100% Colombian beans. Each method invites you to explore the depths of our coffee’s character, revealing a world of tastes, aromas, and experiences. Join us on this delightful journey!

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