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Our mission

We promise to delight passionate coffee lovers every month with the best Colombian Arabica coffee beans delivered right to your door. We promise to make sure you know exactly where your coffee comes from. No more ambiguity, we will delight you with the stories of the coffee farmers that have long been the reason of excellence in Colombian coffee. We promise to inspire you with Colombia’s rich culture, and to help you start your day the right way every day. We are El Colombiano coffee subscription: 100% Colombian, fair traded, fairly sourced, artisanal, and family owned.

Our vision

We commit to working towards our mission by treating our partners—from the smallest farms and startups to established businesses— with respect, and to hold ourselves to the same high standards for quality, reliability and honesty that we expect from them.

We source the richest, ripest Arabica beans from small farms in the mountains of Colombia.

We cultivate fair trade arrangements with our farming partners to ensure fair compensation.

We always work with partners who are committed to our principles of flavor, freshness, and fairness.

Our beans are roasted to perfection at Aero Coffee Roasters a local company with years of experience.

We manually pack and ship our coffee beans directly to your home or office for maximum freshness.


Humble beginnings

Our founder, Javier Amador-Pena (you can call him Javi), grew up on the north coast of Colombia, where the aroma of coffee wafted from cafes and kitchens. The enticing scent acted as an invitation for friends and family to gather and enjoy each other’s company.

From sunrise to a mid-day boost to after dinner… sharing coffee is intrinsic to bonding and ingrained in our culture. Over steaming cups, catch up… we close deals… we make important decisions… we share sorrows… and we celebrate.

Javier Amador-Pena - Owner & Founder of El Colombiano Coffee, Inc.

While Javi loves his adopted country, he struggled to find a coffee that could measure up to his native land. He became a “coffee chaser,” constantly trying new brews but never finding one that captured the quality, the flavor—the culture—of the coffee from Colombia.

It was on a trip to Colombia, to visit family and spend time with friends, that he had a eureka! moment. Javi was sitting and talking with his family. The company, the conversation—and, naturally, the coffee: it was a moment of pure pleasure. He knew then that his search was at an end: The coffee he’d been seeking was right where he’d left it.

Inspired, he knew he had to track down the source. He learned about the different varieties of coffee that are farmed, harvested and sold in Colombia. He talked to small coffee growers and saw the pride they take in sowing, nurturing, maintaining and harvesting their crops. In their voices, he heard the passion the put into every cosecha (harvest).

He also heard about the “cafeteros” problems and concerns. A great number of the farmers are women who are also head of their household. This seemed remarkable from an American or Colombian perspective.

On the plane ride back to Boston, amid a cascade of memories and images and stories, it struck him that behind every cup of coffee consumed are the faces and lives of so many people—and with each of those faces is a story of pride, pain, worry, happiness, success and hope: a story worth sharing.

Today, every time Javi brews a cup of El Colombiano coffee, he connects with his roots—his past, his country, his people, his culture. His desire to bring the perfect cup of coffee to this country—while recognizing, supporting and nurturing the people and places it comes from—resulted in El Colombiano Coffee.

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